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9 April 2018

Data Center Load Balancing

If your services have to be up & running for 99,999% of the time,, maybe, you should configure Global Server Load Balancing and DNS Load Balancing for your services. We can configure F5 BIG-IP DNS along with F5 BIG-IP LTM for Data Center Load Balancing or we can also use Amazon CloudFront services along with Amazon Route 53. Anyway, GSLB topologies are increasingly deployed for large IT infrastructures where availability is a must. Therefore, I’ve uploaded a video where we can watch how to configure GSLB for Data Center Load Balancing using F5 BIG-IP DNS along with LTM.

This is the topology used for the PoC:


And this is the video where you can watch the configuration needed for Data Center Load Balancing:

Regards my friend and remember, drop a line with the first thing you're thinking.


  1. Hello,
    thanks for great video
    what if f5 dns is behind firewall so we need to nat listener IP and VIP IP?

  2. Hello Rasol,

    F5 DNS should be deployed behind firewall. Therefore, SNAT and VIP IP are needed.

    Thanks for your comments!


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