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23 December 2019

F5 BIG-IP APM - AutoLaunch SAML Resources

I think Webtop and Web Access are great to have a Single Sing-On (SSO) Portal. In fact, we can configure a SSO Portal like Google does with applications such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc. Therefore, we can access with a single password in a single web portal to all applications. 
We have already known how to configure cloud connectors, such as an AWS Connector and a Salesforce Connector, with SAML in a Web Access. Accordingly, there is a web portal with Webtops which launch SAML resources for SSO access to AWS and Salesforce. However, if we want automatically launch SAML resources and skip the Webtop, we’ll have to make some changes into the configuration.

Visual Policy Editor
Firstly, we no longer need Web Access neither Webtops. Thus, we can uncheck these configurations. Secondly, we have to add an iRule to the virtual server hosting the access policy. Finally, we can enjoy the better user's experience.

Best regards my friends. Keep learning!


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