Happy New Year

This year is nearly ended. I’m hear. Writing in my room. Thinking about what I’ve been doing this year. I’m sure I’ve done many things. Lots of them are written in this blog. Some of them will keep in my head. Many other things will be forgotten. This year has been thrilling but with ups and downs. I have to keep only the good things and throw away the bad ones. I think this is the best way to go ahead. I’m lucky. I’ve been working in many projects. I’ve met up many IT professionals. I’ve learnt a lot this year.

At the beginning of the year, I was the teacher of a ethical hacking course and another one about forensics in Merida where students learnt many hacking and forensics techniques such as fileless malware forensics. I also installed and configured two pairs of Mellanox Ethernet Switches in a datacenter with 100 Gbps links. Thanks to this project and these datacenter switches I learnt about RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE). In addition, I was studying about Cisco Data Center technology such as Cisco Nexus vPC or Cisco Nexus FabricPath.

Before summer, I was studying a lot about French Language and I passed the exams at Official School of Languages. Today, I keep learning French and I would like to pass the B1 level in 2020. I worked in new projects. Mainly, projects about firewalls and load balancers. I didn’t know anything about the ISA-95 levels for Industrial Systems till I worked for a big industrial company. Any step and any change should be documented and notified with a change procedure. Amazing!

Summer was for reading and learning new tech things. I read Inside Soviet Military Intelligence, No Logo and the National CyberSecurity Strategy of Spain. In addition, I installed the RedHunt OS for Adversary Emulation and Intelligence which is useful for testing Red Teams and Blue Teams. I was working almost the whole summer. I was only on holiday for a few days because I had to finish two projects. One project about FortiWeb and another one about F5 BIG-IP vCMP. Both really interesting.

The end of the year has been thrilling and rewarding. We have moved Ariolo Cloud Services from one datacenter to another one which has better facilities. Therefore, the same BGP AS Number in two datacenters has been mandatory. I’ve worked a lot with F5 BIG-IP. You can watch all the videos I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel. I’ve configured OAuth with Facebook, SAML with AWS and SAML with Salesforce. OAuth and SAML are two protocols I didn’t know, but once I know, I've realised they are really interesting as Multi-Factor Auth for Cloud Applications.

To sum up, this has been a year with lots of projects. I’ve mainly been working in security and networking projects but I’ve also been working with virtualization, storage, systems and cloud computing. Actually, I haven’t had time to get bored.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.