ISACA Challenge for Young Professionals

ISACA Madrid has launched a challenge again for young professionals with the main goal of encouraging young people to innovate and promote in the Audit, Information Security and Information Security Governance fields. This is the third edition where young professionals can demonstrate their skills and knowledge about new threats, risks and tools, and this is a good opportunity to show our last researches and development projects to the security community, and at the end it's a good opportunity to teach what we know to improve the security world.

Last year I was the lucky young professional who could go to the final stage to show and teach my last research about Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) with a paper called “Juego de Troyanos”. This was a concept that I didn't know until I analyzed the Zeus malware with the Ariolo probe. Once I understood how DGA worked, I developed a trojan malware what it bypassed black lists and antivirus software, and this was the main reason why I got the first award. Last year, all papers were good ideas with high technical quality, and I'm sure this year the level of the papers will be better.

In addition to 1000 € I got examination fees for an ISACA certification as a prize. In fact, last Christmas I applied for the CISM exam which I passed, and this week the ISACA organization emailed to me saying I fulfill all requirements to get the CISM certification. What I have learnt with this certification is that government and management aren't the same, also things about the Risk Management Process, InfoSec Program Development and Incident Management. All of this new concepts were welcomed to my knowledge and my job.

The requirements for the third ISACA challenge this year are the same as the last year. If we are young people with less than 35 years old and we have something interesting to show and teach about Audit, Information Security or IT governance, this is your challenge. Write it in a paper, sent it and good luck. This is the last week to apply, come on!!

For more information about the challenge, click on here, and if you need any help with your paper, let me know.

Regards my friend and remember, drop a line with the first doubt you're wondering.