WSN – Wireless Sensor Networks

Last week, I gave a speech about how an attacker or a gossipy man can get our WiFi or Bluetooth waves to know things like where we live or where we have been. In addition, I spoke about how Meridian by Aruba Networks takes advantage of this technologies to make a Wireless Sensor Network and building customized mobile applications with turn-by-turn directions to points of interest in a space. My workmates also spoke about trends over WiFi like Wireless Gigabit, WiFly and the WMM extension for Quality of Services.

Today, Wireless Networks are well known for us but Wireless Sensor Networks are a little different because they can be easily made by hundreds or thousands sensors getting information like air pollution, water quality, temperatures, etc. This sensors are tiny devices with a low power consumption, which can work with batteries, they are deployed in a simple star network or in an advanced multi-hop wireless mesh network and they can use WiFi or Bluetooth technology to interconnect with each other.

Beyond WSN, we are living today with many Bluetooth devices to interchange data which some of them are unusual or unexpected like Bluetooth hats, teeth with Bluetooth technology, toothbrush with Bluetooth, balls with Bluetooth, etc, and others common Bluetooth devices like smartphone, smartTV or smartwatch. Therefore, all of this Bluetooth devices can made a WSN against, for instance, an smartphone where we manage and monitor all of this sensors. However, we should be cautious because everything is in the air and we should take into account the Bluetooth Security.

Teeth with Bluetooth technology
Meridian by Aruba Networks has used WiFi and the fourth version of Bluetooth technology called Bluetooth Smart or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to deploy WSN. Meridian can customize mobile applications to take advantages of this kind of networks for many things like pushing notifications and advertisements to mobile app users, analyzing how many devices are in a space and for how long, give turn-by-turn directions to points of interest like coffee shops, gates, restaurants, rooms, parking, etc, etc. Meridian is a powerful tool to develop your own mobile applications.

What is the future? Everything is going to be interconnected!! We know that Internet of Things (IoT) is here and it's here to stay. Today, there are many devices with WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, we know about IPv6 where many devices can have his own IP, we know about SmartCity as well where traffic lights work according to traffic jam, and virtual reality is another computer technology that it will come sooner than we think and it will be integrated with all of these Sensor Networks. I think, our future is a little frightening.

Regards my friends and remember, you will be in the future.