French language A1 level passed

I'm here writing in English, once again, once a week. Recently, I've written about Spanglish & Frañol where I highlighted what was the main reason why I started to study English language at Official School of Languages, mainly, because my DNI was stolen in London and I didn't know to explain, by myself, my situation to the Police, which was mandatory if I wanted to return to Spain. This situation was a tipping point in my life and my career because I can now speak and write properly in English language, which is useful for travelling, reading and studying English books, speaking with support engineers, watching webinars and conferences in English languages for learning new technologies, etc, etc.

Currently, I'm studying French language at Official School of Languages, and who knows if I'm going to be writing in French language within 5 years but what it's a fact is I passed the exam of the first level (A1) of French language last week, and I have a good score, I'm proud of it. However, there is not a tipping point this time but I started to study French language because I like languages and it is the language spoken at the main institutional headquarters of the European Union such as the European Parliament, European Commission or European Council in Brussels, as well as other institutional headquarters in Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

Preliminary level - scores

I still remember when I was at High School and I was studying English language, which was mandatory, and French language, which was optional. Those years I studied lots of grammar and vocabulary, and I read books as well but skills like speaking and listening weren't studied enough. Therefore, I think I was studying many years to learn a little bit. However, I have to admit that I've learnt a lot of French language in just one year at Official School of Languages because teachers emphasize active skills such as writing and speaking as well as passive skills such as reading and listening. The method of the Official School of Languages is much more efficient than the method of the High School, although active skills like writing and speaking are still the most difficult to pass, maybe, because they are more difficult to study.

I think learning a new language, to be bilingual or trilingual, is something mandatory today because it has many advantages. For instance, we'll delay diseases like Alzheimer, we'll improve creativity, we'll have better ability to concentrate, we'll get better agility and flexibility into our cognitive system, we'll made better decisions, etc, etc. These are just some advantages but there are many others in the globalization era we are living like travelling, jobs opportunities, etc.

I'm going to keep studying French language next year. I hope to improve my language skills to be speaking French language someday, who knows!!

Regards my friends. Enjoy, read, study!