Galicia & Porto

This summer has been totally different because I haven’t been in a workcamp like years before in Turkey, Russia or Czech Republic, instead, I’ve been reading a lot, studying French language, and travelling around the north of Spain, and Portugal too. In fact, I’ve also done the “Camino de Santiago” from Santiago de Compostela to Muxia, then, walking a lot, visiting beautiful towns and beaches, eating delicious food and speaking a lot with people.

Santiago de Compostela

Many friends always tell me I’m the other way around, and I don’t know, but, this time, it’s truth because I started from Santiago de Compostela, instead of ending there. Therefore, the first thing I did was visiting the Obradoiro square, next to the cathedral, and eating octopus. After sightseeing ... walking, walking and more walking to the first town, Negreira (22 Km walking for 5 hours), it was funny, without fatigue and good weather. Next, I went to the small town Olveiroa (36 Km walking for 8 hours), as a result, I was tired, even with sunburns, then I was in my room all day.


The first two days were easy because the third was wet, but funny, to Cee (18 Km walking for 4 hours), it was raining with fog for all day. The following day was prettier and quiet because I walked next to the coast to Finisterre (20 Km walking for 5 hours) where the KM 0 is located. The last route was next to the coast as well to Muxia (28 Km walking for 6 hours), it was beautiful and amazing with clean beaches, although the Prestige oil tanker left oil there in 2002. From my point of view, Muxia was the most beautiful town I saw during the Camino de Santiago.


After walking and walking, it was time for tourism. First, I went to A Coruña and I visited the Tower of Hercules, the Military Museum, squares, cathedrals, etc which was, from my point of view, prettier than Santiago de Compostela, I liked this city. I also went to Poio where I saw a long mosaic into the Monastery and I went to Combarro too for visiting small fishermen’s houses near the sea. O Grove was another town that I visited where I could see astonishing views from A Siradella balcony, as well as a chapel made of scallops.

O Grove

I couldn’t come back to my house without going to Cíes Islands. First, I went to the top of the island by trekking to see beautiful views, after this, I went to the beach for resting and swimming into the cold sea. Baiona was another mandatory stop for visiting the caravel La Pinta, Virgin of the Rock, the mountain of Groba, the museum of the sea, etc. My last stop in Spain was in A Guarda for visiting Celtic fields and the mouth of the Miño river at the Atlantic Ocean.


To finish my trip, I went to Porto, in Portugal. At the beginning I didn’t know what language to speak, whether English or Spanish, but later on I realized they understand Spanish well enough. I arrived at night and the city was dirty and smelly but the morning was much better when I visited Clérigos Church, Lello Bookstore, Dom Luís I Bridge, the cathedral, etc.

Porto - Lello Bookstore

This is an overview of my holidays, as you can see, no tech things for resting and enjoying the summer to be ready for the next course.

Regards my friends!!