ForoCIBER 2018

I’ve been in the second edition of ForoCiber last Friday in Badajoz where speakers have spoken about technological law and IT security. I had already been in the First National ForoCiber Summit in Cáceres and I didn’t want to miss the ForoCiber summit this year because it’s one of the few meeting about IT security in Extremadura. In addition, ForoCiber is not only about IT security but technological law as well what means IT engineers and lawyers share knowledges and point of views, which is very interesting. Therefore, I want to make an overview about the second edition of ForoCiber in this post.

The first speaker was the judge Eloy Velasco from the Spanish National Court who talked about technologies for crime investigations. He spoke about the criminal prosecution law 13/2015 and he also told us many stories and examples. For instance, he talked about the case of banking data theft by Falciani and the investigation of shooting in San Bernardino (California) where protection of fundamental rights and collaboration with the justice is important and mandatory in Spain. He also talked about geolocation, cameras, microphones, etc used for his investigations as a judge. It was a really interesting talk.

Eloy Velasco

The next speech was for Susana González from Hiberus who talked about Data Protection Management System into General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where risk identification, risk assessment and risk management is important into the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). In addition, she spoke about Privacy by Design & Default where companies should process personal data with data protection and privacy in mind at every step and where strictest privacy setting should apply by default. It was a non-tech talk but a security management talk.

Susana González
Miguel Ángel Arrollo founder of Hack&Beers was the next speaker who talked about SOCMINT: Social Media Intelligence. From my point of view, it was a funny and interesting talk because he show many online tools for Social Media Intelligence like tinfoleak for searching Twitter users leaks, IntelTechniques where there are many online tools and where we can search Twitter or Instagram users to find out where someone’s been posting from recently. The best recommendation is to disable geolocation into social media applications.

Miguel Ángel Arroyo
Once again, Enrique Ávila comes to ForoCiber. This time, Enrique as Manager at Spanish National Centre of Excellence on CyberSecurity (CNEC) talked about Strategic Cyber Intelligence. He highlighted the importance of multidisciplinary teams to improve protection on cyberspace. In addition, he spoke about the strategic talent reserve on cyberdefense and cybersecurity where technical profiles could be required by the government as voluntaries to protect and help Spain.

Enrique Ávila

Finally, Manuel López who works as a National Police of Spain talked about Computer Forensics. He spoke about the importance of chain of custody but he also spoke about the danger and the difficulty to get into criminal’s houses to get evidences. In addition, he told us that most forensic tasks he does are against mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, although he has also had to analyse laptops, servers or video game consoles.

Manuel López
To sum up, it has been an interesting summit and I would like to say thanks to the organization for their hard and good job.