Happy New Year

This year, I want to tell you “Happy New Year” in a different way. In fact, I recorded a video to tell you all the things I’ve been doing in 2018. It’s difficult to say all the things in a video of 2 minutes but I’ve highlighted, I think, the most important things.

I was working with AWS at the beginning of the year where I deployed Amazon CloudFront, AWS Shield and AWS WAF. I also took several webinars about FortiSIEM and the new version of FortiOS 6.0 which, I think, are interesting for deploying this new year. The second prize I got for the CyberSecurity Challenge in Badajoz is also to remember.

I’ve also been working a lot with F5 Networks. I’ve installed, configured and supported the LTM, ASM and DNS modules. In fact, I’ve uploaded videos to my YouTube channel about how to protect services against Web Scraping and Brute Force attacks, DDoS and DoS, Cookie and HTTP Header Tampering, Parameter Tampering Attacks, Bot Protection, etc. Finally, I ended up for getting the F5 BIG-IP ASM Certified Technology Specialist.

I like languages. Therefore, I keep learning French language. I passed the A2 level in French language and this is my third year learning French. As you can see, I keep writing in English language in this blog and I’m used to reading and watch films in English language.

I’ve been reading books such as Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, Factfulness by Hans Rosling and The Art of Intrusion by Kevin Mitnick. I even read the National Cyber Strategy of the U.S. of America, the DoD Cyber Strategy of the U.S. of America and the review of the Cyberdefense Strategy of France which I read in French language.

To finish this year, I’ve been teaching Security on Networks and Systems in Mérida. What’s more, I’m going to teach about Ethical Hacking next year. I hope to see you!

That’s all! Keep learning! Keep studying!
Happy New Year!!