F5 BIG-IP APM – SSO Authentication

It’s really beautiful and rewarding learn how to configure new services and technologies but it’s also really hard test configuration again and again till it’s work because it takes lot of time. This weekend, I’ve been more than 6 hours learning how to configure the Single Sign-On functionality with an application server that uses forms based authentication. Finally, I’m happy because I’ve learnt how to configure SSO in BIG-IP APM.

The most difficult configuration is the SSO Method Configuration because we have to know exactly how the application works to validate the username and password. I mean, we have to know what is the login page and the credential parameters. On the other hand, it’s really powerful the Visual Policy Editor where we can configure the logon page, the authentication database, SSO mapping, etc. We can configure almost everything.

Visual Policy Editor
I hope this video is useful for you. I've learnt a lot!! Keep learning my friends!


  1. This is great.
    I've tried this but the thing is that I have a webtop with multiple portal access web applications, and I don't want to add the SSO to the access policy, but to the resource item itself. The thing is when I add the SSO forum-based to the resource item, it is not working. Only When I add the SSO forum-based to the access policy it is working. why is that? Why I can't add the SSO forum-based to the portal access resource item? (I'm using v13.1.1.5)


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