French Language

I’ve finished the first course for the B1 level in French language last week. I’m glad to say I passed the exam. However, this course has been a little bit more difficult than the last course. Obviously!! It’s an intermediate level instead of basic level. I think it has been more difficult because I didn’t spend enough time studying. This year, I’ve had less time to study French language than the last year. Therefore, I haven’t trained very well the writing, listening, speaking and reading skills. Nevertheless, I got good marks. Not very good marks but good marks.

I got 8,5 in the listening skill which is very good. I keep listening the France Info radio each time I’m taking a shower. In addition, I’ve done many listening exercises in the website as well as I downloaded lots of listening exercises and exam examples from Official Schools of Languages such as the school of Andalusia, Canary Islands or Galicia. What’s more, I’m not used to listening the radio while I’m driving my car but I listen tracks about how to say some sentences in French language. All of these have been enough to pass the listening skill.

I think speaking in French language is one of the most difficult skill because it’s hard to train and it’s difficult to know if you are speaking well or you are making lots of mistakes. It’s also difficult because I usually speak in Spanish language with everybody and I only speak in French language when I’m at school or I meet up with my classmates. Finally, I’ve passed the speaking skill with the score of 7,5 thanks to Vaughan Bonjour! where I spoke alone in my house. Yes, it’s true. I’ve spoken and repeated alone everything I heard from Vaughan Bonjour!

The reading skill is an easy skill due to the fact that understanding all words and sentences are not needed. In addition, there are French words which are written similar in the Spanish language. Therefore, it’s usually easy to understand texts in French language. In fact, it’s an skill almost everybody passes. I haven’t read a lot for this course. I’ve only read a few documents such as the Revue Stratégique Cyberdéfense de France, which is really interesting. However, it has been enough for passing the exam with an 8 score.

The most difficult skill for me is the writing skill and this is the main reason why I’m writing in this blog. When I was studying English language, I wasn’t able to pass the writing exam properly. Sometimes, I had to retake the exam. As a result, I opened this blog for improving the writing skill. Thanks to this blog and all the documents I’ve written, I’ve got an score of 6,75.

This year, there has been a new skill which is about mediation. For instance, we have a document with pictures and texts where we have to write and explain to someone what are the best dates for buying flights or how to arrive somewhere. I got an score of 7. Not bad!!

Regards my friends. Keep learning languages because it also improves your brain!!