Inside Soviet Military Intelligence

I’ve finished the French Language course thus I’ve started reading books again. Actually, I’ve been reading Inside Soviet Military Intelligence by Viktor Suvorov these last two weeks because I’ve been less stressed and I’ve had more free time for reading, sports, beers, etc. Therefore, I’ve been reading this interesting book where I’ve learned how the Soviet Intelligence worked, what was the hierarchical organization structure, how they got illegals, etc. I think, this is an interesting book because the Russian Military Intelligence is one of the most powerful intelligence services of the world.

The book was written in 1984 and we can read the history of the KGB and the GRU, agent recruiting, agent communications, tactical reconnaissance, etc, etc. I’ve read about two Russian security agencies which main functions were foreign intelligence and counter-intelligence. This amazing and secret world has many activities which civilian people will never think. For instance, we have known recently Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with Novichok, maybe, by the GRU.

I’m sure there are many illegal activities out there where intelligence services get whatever they want. No matter how they get it or what they have to do. The aim is getting information and achieving the goal successfully. This is an useful book to know another world. I recommend you reading this book if you really love the intelligence services.

Regards my friends. Keep reading!!!