National Cybersecurity Strategy of Spain

Six years ago I wondered if Spain were sold because most security appliances installed in the public and private sector were made outside of Spain. Most of these technologies are even made outside of the European Union. Therefore, I thought Spain were sold in the cyber war because firewalls, SIEMs, antivirus, etc were out of control. Consequently, I’ve read many security strategies since then, such as the Security Directives for the European Union, DoD Cyber Strategy of the U.S. of America, the National Cyber Strategy of the U.S. of America or the Revue Stratégique Cyberdéfense de France, because I wanted to know how countries mitigate the risk of working without own IT technology.

This weekend I’ve read the National Cybersecurity Strategy of Spain where there are five goals and seven lines of action. For instance, the first goal is the security and resilience of the information and communications for the public sector and essential services. I think this is a very important goal due to the fact that essential services such as water and energy should be protected against cyber attacks.

The second goal highlights the cybercrime where the government of Spain are going to investigate illicit and malicious acts to encourage citizen trust in the cyberspace. This goal wants we trust in the cyberspace which is shared with malicious people. Therefore, we’ll use this space as long as we trust in the cyberspace. Cooperation, collaboration and participation will help to fight against cybercrime.

The third goal about protecting the business and social ecosystem and citizens is my favourite because it encourages companies to “develop cybersecurity products, services and systems specially those that uphold national interest needs to strengthen digital autonomy”. I really love this sentence because they have realised Spain needs to develop products, services and systems to protect them self.

A better cybersecurity culture and technological skills for people are in the fourth goal. This is also an important goal because people have to know there are risks in the cyberspace. Risks such as blackmail, theft, deception, etc are also in the cyberspace. In addition, this goal takes into account the improvement of technological skills which will also be useful to develop new cybersecurity activities.

The last and fifth goal is about the international cyberspace security where Spain gets collaboration and also shares information about best security practices and cybercrime. We can read in this goal lots of forums where Spain participates such as the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and many more forums. This is also the goal where we can read the support to the European Union.

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