Windows Server 2016 forensics

There are lots of information on the net for learning about forensics. Last year, I recorded a video about Fileless malware forensics because I wanted to know how this kind of malware works. It was easy to learn about it because there was a video about Fileless malware forensics in CCN-Cert channel. This week, I’ve wanted to learn more about forensics. Therefore, I’ve watched a new video in the CCN-Cert channel where there is a new forensics laboratory, thus I’ve recorded the first episode where a Windows Server 2016 is analysed. This lab has been funny and it has helped me to reinforce my knowledge about forensics.

We can watch in the video how we can check digital evidences and how we can get information from the Windows Registry and event logs. The aim of this forensics is to know how and who has leaked confidential information.

Have a nice day! Keep learning and keep studying!