FortiGate Automation with Ansible

I recorded a video about Automating F5 configuration with Ansible last week. I want to know how to do the same with FortiGate firewalls. Therefore, I’ve been reading and testing with a FortiGate firewall and Ansible since then. I think it’s really interesting the automation and orchestration when there are lots of devices in the company. We can change the configuration in all devices quickly. For instance, there are Ansible Modules for FortiGate, FortiManager and FortiMail devices where we can configure security profiles, addresses, policies, etc easily.

Fortinet's Ansible Modules
I’ve recorded a new video about Automating FortiGate configuration with Ansible. We have to take into account two important things before executing the playbook. Firstly, we have to configure and execute the playbook with Python3 instead of Python2. Therefore, we have to install the fortiosapi for python3 with pip3. Secondly, we have to declare the ANSIBLE_LIBRARY with the 40ansible library to be able to use the fortiosconfig module. Finally, we should modify parameters such as interfaces and password. Once the YAML file is OK, we are ready to execute the playbook.

Regards my friends! Are you ready to automate processes?


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