F5 APM - SSL VPN - Edge Client

I remember when I finished the University, I didn’t know anything about VPN. Nobody told me about how it works, till I started working at Ariadnex. I’ve worked with many VPN since then. I’ve configured layer 2, layer 3 and layer 4 VPN. I’ve configured MPLS VPN, IPsec VPN and SSL VPN. MPLS is used a lot by Internet providers, IPsec is right for LAN to LAN VPN, and SSL VPN is the best technology for endpoints.

I really like SSL VPN for endpoints because it’s easy to configure for a non-technological user. I mean, I think everybody would be able to configure a SSL VPN in a laptop. Actually, there are two kinds of SSL VPN: Web mode and Tunnel mode. The first one is easiest to configure than the second one because we only need a browser. However, tunnel mode is also widely used although it requires a client software.

BIG-IP Edge Client is the SSL VPN software of F5 Networks. I’ve configured a Network Access profile and a Secure Connectivity profile in F5 APM to show you how to install and use this SSL VPN software. You will watch it’s really easy!!

Regards my friends! What kind of SSL VPN do you use in your company?