F5 ASM – Fundamental Security Policy

I used to write an overview about what I've done in the last year before going on holiday but, this summer, although I’m not going to write in the blog for the next month, I’ve wanted to write about F5 BIG-IP because I’ll take the certification exam on September. Therefore, this small post is about how to create a Fundamental Security Policy in F5 BIG-IP ASM and how to customize the policy with Selective Learning.

Actually, I’ve recorded a video. You know I love it to watch how to configure some architectures. We can watch in the next video how to configure a Fundamental Policy in transparent mode and manual learning. In addition, I’ve checked the “Illegal parameter value length” in the Learning and Blocking Settings. What’s more, I’ve modified the wildcard parameter length to 1 byte. Therefore, thanks to the selective learning, all the parameters greater than 1 byte will be suggested to add it in the security policy. I think, it’s much better you watch the video.

Thanks, take care, enjoy the summer!