Happy New Year 2021

Today is the day of Holy Innocents. It seems a lie. We are living a pandemic where lots of people have died from March till today. The world has changed! We wear masks. There are even masks with logos, different colors and designs. Lots of people are working from home and most of us don’t want to meet up with others because we are afraid of getting the virus. Companies have also changed. They have had to install SSL VPN appliances to allow users working from home. Therefore, companies have had to deploy technology, security tools and new procedures to go ahead!!

I think, this 2020 has been the year of F5 BIG-IP APM because I’ve deployed and configured many services on this access management proxy solution. I’ve started the year configuring SSL VPN with Network Access, Configuring Host Checking, OTP Authentication and SSL VPN with Edge Client because of the pandemic. Finally, I’ve finished the year configuring SSO via Kerberos and configuring an In-Line SAML SSO Architecture. I’ve written more than 10 weeks about F5 BIG-IP APM.

I’ve also been working with F5 BIG-IP ASM. I’ve compared F5 Advanced WAF and BIG-IP ASM, and later on, I’ve written about Good Protection, Elevated Protection, High Protection and Maximum Protection using F5 WAF. I ended up as a F5 ASM ReCertified Technology Specialist. Companies have more services on Internet as a result of the pandemic and they have to take care of them. I’ve also written more than 10 weeks about F5 BIG-IP ASM.

As you have realised, I’ve written a lot about F5 BIG-IP. It’s true. I’ve written a lot about F5 because I’m working for a big project where there are lots of F5 BIG-IP appliances. In addition, I’ve been working in many other projects with F5 appliances. As a result, I’ve written about automating F5 configuration with Ansible, BIG-IP AFM, F5 AVR, SSL Orchestrator (SSLO) and even what’s new in BIG-IP version 15.0 and what’s new in BIG-IP version 16.0.

I haven’t been working only with F5 appliances but I’ve also been working with many other tech things. I’ve been working with IoC and MISP, and I’ve written about Cyber Threat Intelligence. I’ve also analysed alarms about Lazarus and MuddyWater, and I’ve written about the Lazarus Group and the MuddyWater Threat Actor. In addition, I’ve been reading Buyology and Destrucción Masiva as well as studying French at Official School of Languages.

To sum up, this has been a year weird and uncommon. We don’t know if this is the new world but we have to going forward. I’ll try to keep learning new things. I’ll try to keep reading books. I’ll try to be my best. I would like keep working with technology and I would like keep meeting with all of you. Have a nice day and ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.