F5 ASM - Sending security logs to BIG-IQ

I'm working deeply with BIG-IQ devices since the end of the last year. These devices are really useful when you have to manage lots of BIG-IP devices because you can search objects easily as well as you can deploy configurations from a central management device. However, BIG-IQ is also increasingly used for monitoring applications and saving events logs because the built-in dashboards are really powerful for applications visibility. For instance, we can know application latencies or bot traffic from a single dashboard.

Bot Traffic Dashboard

I’ve been recording a new video where you can watch how to add a BIG-IP device to the BIG-IQ and how to configure a security log profile to send events to the BIG-IQ. Actually, the BIG-IQ DCD has a listening service in the 8514 port then we have to configure a log profile in the BIG-IP device to send events to the 8514 port. Once it is configured, there will be security events in the BIG-IQ Central Management (CM) device, thus, we can already watch these logs for troubleshooting and applications visibility from BIG-IQ CM.

Have a nice day! Do you like the BIG-IQ?