F5 BIG-IP APM – Configuring App Tunnels

I really like F5 BIG-IP APM because it has lots of use cases. We can use APM as a secure portal access with lots of resources such as SAML Resources, Webtop Links, Single Sign-On configuration, etc. We can also use APM as a SSL VPN in web mode or tunnel mode. In addition, thanks to the Visual Policy Editor (VPE), it's really powerful and easy to configure applications access from a security perspective.

This week, I’ve been working with the application tunnel feature where I’ve had to configure access to several apps through a tunnel. We didn’t want to use a Network Access, thus, the application tunnel fits the requirement. Therefore, we can watch in the next video how to configure a basic app tunnel to access to the F5’s management interface. However, this configuration is the same for other internal resources such as SSH or Webmail services.

Regards my friends! Did you know the App Tunnel feature?