Security on the Internet for teenagers

From time to time I have to give a speech about security, networking or technology. This week, my colleague Marco has scheduled a talk about “Security on the Internet for teenagers” where I’m going to speak about best practices and risks there are on the net. Actually, there are lots of things I can tell about Security on the Internet. I can speak about Social Networks, Privacy, Sexting, Cyber Bullying, Grooming, etc, etc.

Social Networks are well known by most teenagers. Most of them know WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest or even Tik Tok. They know the benefits of using this kind of applications. We can be in touch with friends. We can share pictures. We can meet people with the same hobbies. There are lots of benefits. However, it’s important to highlight there are also risks we have to take into account. The severity of these risks can be very dangerous. From a fight to commit suicide. For this reason the use of social networks must be done carefully.

Privacy seems something boring. Most teenagers don’t mind the privacy. There are lots of letters to read. There are lots of sentences to understand. Nobody read them. However, privacy is not like stuff, which we can recover if someone else picks them up. I mean, if someone steal your bike, you can recover it but if someone steal your identity, your pictures or your information, you’ll never recover it.

Social Networks and Privacy are just two topics I’m going to speak in the talk but I will also speak about Sexting, Bullying, Grooming, etc where I’m going to play videos and ask lots of questions to teenagers. We’ll see the feedback of the audience. I hope this talk will be rewarding for the future of teenagers on the net.

We will see on the stage!! ;-)