What’s new in BIG-IP version 14.0

From my point of view, the BIG-IP version 13.1 is ready for production. In fact, BIG-IP version is the best version for production right now. However, BIG-IP version 14.0 is already out and it’s time to know the new features and enhancements. I like reading and writing about new versions such as What’s new in BIG-IP version 13.1, What’s new in FortiOS 5.6 or What’s new in FortiOS 6.0. Today, I’m going to highlight the new features included in BIG-IP 14.0 which are useful and cool.

BIG-IP LTM v14.0 has new features such as Default Passwords Expiry, Password Policy Enforcement, New HTML-Based Dashboard and Support full dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on the Management Port. The new HTML-Based Dashboard is the best feature by far because it’s no longer needed Flash software to show the system dashboard. On the other hand, security has improved because Default Passwords have to be changed and we can also configure a Password Policy to create strong administrator passwords.

HTML-Based Dashboard

BIG-IP Advanced WAF v14.0 has lots of interesting security features such as Enforcing Use of Parent Policies, Threat Campaigns Subscription and Secure Client-Side Transactions with DataSafe to named of few. Enforcing use of Parent Policies is useful to eliminate repetitive configurations and management of the same settings across individual policies. In addition, the Threat Campaigns Subscription is interesting to detect specific threat actors, web attacks and vulnerabilities. The Threat Campaigns Subscription can complement any existing security policy and DoS profile already deployed. Finally, the Secure Client Side Using DataSafe is able to obfuscate user data, encrypt user data or protect against keyloggers using a new DataSafe profile assign to the virtual server.

Enforcing Use of Parent Policies
BIG-IP APM v14.0 has also included new features and enhancements such as Access Guide Configuration, OpenID Connect Authorization Server, VMware Blast Extreme or Multi-Factor Authentication for Native Microsoft Clients. Guided Configuration uses iApps and it’s designed to make complicated configurations much simpler for BIG-IP administrators. What’s more, BIG-IP APM v14 supports OpenID authentication, which is similar to SAML, and it also supports VMware Blast for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).

Access Guided Configuration
BIG-IP DNS v14.0 has also been improved with new features such as EDNS0 Client Subnet Support and it’s also able to add DNS Devices via iControl REST. For instance, BIG-IP DNS v14 places the client IP address into the EDNS0 field, if empty, and determines the topology proximity of the client. This new feature improves Global Server Load Balancing.

With EDNS0 Client Subnet Support
There are lots of new features and enhancements in BIG-IP v14.0. It’s up to you testing these new features and reading about it. Regards my friends! Be happy!