F5 APM - SSL VPN - Portal Access Webtop

There are lots of people that they don’t know what is a VPN. They don’t know how to install a VPN client and configure it. They only know the browser. Therefore, we should deliver applications easy to use. It should be a secure web portal where users log in with their credentials and they see all the applications they want to use. On the other hand, there will be users which only have to access to one application. They don’t need a web portal with lots of applications' icons but a secure web portal which access directly to the application.

F5 APM has also think about this use case. It’s really easy to configure a secure web portal where users log in and get access directly to a web application. They won’t know it’s a VPN to the internal application. We can configure this use case with a Webtop in Portal Access mode. You will watch in the video that a Webtop in Full mode with a Portal Access is a web portal with applications’ icons, while a Webtop in Portal Access mode is a web portal which accesses directly to the internal application.

Regards my friends! You should configure VPN easy to use for users! Take care!