F5 AVR – Application Visibility and Reporting

There are lots of companies which would like to have statistics about application traffic to know metrics such as transactions per second, server and client latency, request and response throughput, URLs, countries, sessions, etc. This information is really useful for troubleshooting and immediate reaction to sudden changes. However, it’s also really difficult to get this information if you are not in the middle of the communication between the server and clients. F5 BIG-IP has module which help us to get Application Visibility and Reporting (AVR) thanks to the fact that this appliance is between servers and clients.


Configuring F5 AVR is really easy. On the one hand, we have to provision the AVR module from the resource provisioning tab. Finally, we have to create an analytic profile with the statistics gathering configuration to collect metrics and entities such as max TPS and throughput, URLs, countries, client IP addresses, client subnets, response codes, user agents, HTTP methods, etc. In addition, we could even configure sending reports by email. Therefore, if you want to improve user experience, you will need application visibility and reporting.

Regards my friends! How do you know URLs latency to improve the user experience?