OWASP MSTG UnCrackable Level 1

I’m working lately with mobile devices to know security vulnerabilities and best practices. I’ve been reading about MSTG and MASVS. The first one, MSTG or Mobile Security Testing Guide, is like a penetration testing guide for mobile devices while the second one, MASVS or Mobile Application Security Verification Standard, is a starndard for mobile app security where developers have lots of information to learn how to develop app secure. In addition, I’ve been testing apps to learn how to break them!

If you would like to learn breaking apps, I recommend installing Androidx86 emulator and IntroToAndroidSecurity virtual machine. AndroL4b is another android security virtual machine that you can use for learning about mobile security. For instance, you can watch in the next video how to bypass the root detection and how to get the passcode. It’s the first level where you will learn reverse engineering using JADX and dynamic analysis with Frida. I think, UnCrackable Level 1 from MSTG is the first step for beginners.

Regards my friends! Do you like to learn about Mobile Security?