Happy New Year 2022

Last year was weird, too weird, like 2020. Lots of people keep working from home due to COVID-19. There are increasingly web services, and technology everywhere. The network perimeter is already missing because employees are working from home and also from the office. As a result, a Zero Trust solution is mandatory for most companies. My coworkers and I have lots of tasks to do because there are lots of things to improve in companies. In addition, attackers are there, developing malware and attacking networks for getting money easily!!

I’ve been working deeply with F5 BIG-IP appliances for the last years and I will keep working with them in 2022. I’ve written lots of articles about F5 BIG-IP AWAF and F5 BIG-IP APM and I will keep writing about it this new year. I think Web Application Firewalls like F5 AWAF are going to be installed more and more this year because there are lots of web services with vulnerabilities that we should protect against bad actors. In addition, F5 APM is really useful because SSL VPN architectures are needed and the access management is already a must.

I would also like to improve my French for this new year. I wrote almost ten articles in the French language last year. Some of them are overviews about books I have read for the Official School of Languages. However, other articles are writing tasks I did for the school. Therefore, I will keep writing some articles in French because I would like to pass the B2 level this year. I will have to read, write and study a lot of french this new year. Sorry if some articles are not as techy as you would like.

Fortinet solutions are kept in my scope for 2022. I will keep an eye on these security solutions because Fortinet is one of the best manufacturers from the security point of view. In addition, I will work for a SOC this new year where we are going to install FortiGate, FortiSwitches and FortiAPs in lots of branch offices along with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer in the datacenter. Therefore, I will have to learn and study a lot about Fortinet devices.

Security and networking are in my mind for almost the whole day, then I will write about all the things I read, I work, I test! Last year I wrote about tech things like DoH & DoT but I also wrote about not so tech things like Cybersecurity Strategies. I’m sure I’m going to read a lot about new vulnerabilities, new attacks and new things that I will write in this blog. Be patient because I already have some ideas in my mind.

To sum up, last year was weird and uncommon but we have to be ready for this new year. From my point of view, we should make a plan for learning new things and improving ourself. It’s important reading and learning new things but it’s also too important to meet up with friends to share experiences and recover all the beers and coffees we didn’t take last year. Thus, I hope this new year is a year where we can all be together.

Regards my friends! See you in 2022!