My wishes!!

Today is the first day of the new year 2018, it’s time to write our wishes, it’s time to make a plan for the new year. I wrote I wanted the three kings brought me an AS for 2016 and I got it because Ariadnex manages the Autonomous Systems where Ariolo Cloud is hosted. I also wrote I didn’t want more toys for 2017 but procedures, methodologies, methods and security policies and it seems some companies have realised they need information security specialist to protect their services instead of spending their money in more appliances. Therefore, I’m going to write about my wishes for this new year, which perhaps are a little bit ambitious but I have to try.

This year is going to be my fourth year with the CISA certification and my third year with the CISM certification thus I need to keep learning about Information Security to be updated and to maintain these certifications through CPEs (Continuing Professional Education). As a result, I need to attend webinars and conferences, I need to deliver training courses, I need to keep studying. The Importance of Security at CUM was my unique speech last year but Security Courses on Networks and Systems, and the Ethical Hacking Course were enough to get my annually CPEs. Therefore, I would like to maintain these certifications delivering security courses again.

When I was at high school, I failed English exams from time to time, today, I’m writing in English language and I’m also able to speak in English. When I was at high school, I learnt a little bit of French language, today, I’m learning French at Official School of Languages and I passed A1 level of French last year. Learning a new language is time-consuming but it’s rewarding, thus, this is another wish for 2018, I want to pass A2 level of French.

I think security engineers have a lot of work to do into Industrial Control Systems (ICS) because most ICS are outdated, they were designed without taking into account the security, and they are increasingly connected to networks. In addition, the last malwares designed to attack ICS, like Stuxnet, Havex, Blackenergy2, CrashOverride, and now TRITON, are powerful malwares which can cause damage to the society. Therefore, I would like to go deeper into ICS to protect Critical Infrastructure Systems for this new year 2018.

I would like to learn a lot of thing but I want to learn further about Ethical Hacking. In fact, I would like to apply for OSCP certification. We’ll see. On the other hand, my CCNP certification expires next year, 2019, thus I don’t know yet if I’m going to start studying for another certification like CCNP Data Center because I would like to know how Nexus switches work. We’ll also see. Security and networking into a cloud computing environment is challenging thus I would like to learn how to deploy Web Apps safer into a cloud computing infrastructure like AWS Cloud. Once again, we’ll also see.

To sum up, CISA and CISM certification maintenance, studying French language, working with ICS and Critical Infrastructure Systems, and studying ethical hacking, networking and cloud computing. Maybe, I’m a little bit ambitious but I have 365 days to get it.

Do you want to tell us your wishes?