Video Selfie in French language

One of my wishes for this year is to improve my French language skills because I’ve already passed A1 level of French language and I want to apply for A2 level this year. Speaking Spanglish and Frañol is already a fact for me, I can do it, but when we have to speak a non-native language in a meeting, webex or conference is a must to speak properly because if we say “Relaxing cup of café con leche”, maybe, someone are going to laugh too much. Therefore, do you need languages? Are you happy studying languages? Because, although it’s a challenge, it’s also rewarding when you realise you can speak with someone in other language.

From time to time, my friends ask me why I studied English language and why I’m now studying French language. Actually, there are a lot of reasons but I always tell the tipping point was 10 years ago when I went to England for learning English language with a government grant and my wallet was stolen in London. I didn’t have passport, I didn’t have my ID, I didn’t know to speak English language, I didn’t know how to return to Spain without my identification. My plane took off the next day. I didn’t know what to do. It was my first trip abroad. I was nervous. At the end, a Spanish boy helped me to go to the police station to request a compliant. They allowed me to return to Spain the next day.

Two years later, I finished my studies at University and I started working as IT engineer at Ariadnex where I realised most technologies were made in EEUU thus technical guides were written in English language. Nobody told me about the importance of English language when I was at University. I remember the first weeks working as IT engineer, I had to read technical guides of load balancers. I didn’t understand anything. Therefore, I had to start learning English language at Official School of Languages.

However, today, I’m no longer studying English language but French language. Why? First, because I studied French language at high school, second, because French language is one of the main languages, along with English and German languages, into the European Commission. Indeed, there are lots of European Institutions in France and Belgium.

In fact, you can watch my last speech for the Official School of Languages. I have to improve. I know. This is my second year learning French language but I think it’s no bad.

Bonjour, je suis ici pour parler du Temple de Diane. Il est au core de la ville de Merida, à côte de la célèbre rue commerçante Santa Eulalia, qui est seulement une minute à pied d'ici. Le Temple de Diane est de l’époque de l'empereur Auguste du premier siècle. C'est une constructions religieuses qu'il est aujourd'hui connu pour son invocation à Diane, déesse de la chasse dans la mythologie romaine. Il s'agit d'un édifice en bon état de conservation, de plan rectangulaire avec six colonnes. On peut voir sa façade ici. J'aime beaucoup venir en été pour s'asseoir ici avec ma copine où on mange une crème glacée et on boit des bières. Enfin, on peut remarquer que le temple est un beau et joli lieu où on a prendre une photo. Au revoir.

Do you want to learn languages? Why are you learning languages?


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